Four Marketing Videos on Attracting More Clients

In these four short videos, I share some of the most important secrets about how to attract clients. Watch them all, and get my take on how marketing actually works for Independent Professionals. You'll learn an approach that is not full of hype but that is about communicating real value. Marketing for self-employed professionals is very different than for most businesses and you need to understand this difference to be successful at attracting your ideal clients. (Note: If a video stops playing, just reload the page.)

Winning the Game of Marketing
This gives a big picture of my "Marketing Ball Model" on playing marketing as a game you can win. 

The Secrets of Content Marketing
This video explores why content marketing is so powerful for Independent Professionals.

Educating with Your Website
Why your website needs to educate your prospects, not sell to them. 

Building Relationships With Your Website
How to add information to your website that increases credibility.

More Marketing Videos
If you'd like to see several more Marketing Videos with more marketing secrets for Independent Professionals just click on the link below:

More Marketing Videos

Topics Include: Marketing Action Plans, Practicing Your Marketing, Secrets of Keep-in-Touch Marketing, Be Bold – Take Action, Beyond Marketing Strategies, Overcoming a Poverty Mindset, Pricing Your Services, The Selling Conversation