As I’ve said, many times before, the purpose of the Audio Logo is to gain attention and interest. It’s a conversation starter, an initial impression. When you use an Audio Logo, you’re looking for some degree of this response: “That’s for me,” or “Tell me more.” When you get that response, you’re on first base. You might just be touching the corner of first base, but at least this response is better than a blank look. This gets the conversation rolling and you are headed towards second base (which may be a long way off in most cases).

The Audio Logo has four basic components – target, problem, outcome, and story. The first two are target and problem: “I work with this kind of prospect who has this kind of problem, issue, or challenge.” That’s it. Don’t say anymore. Wait for a response or a question. If you get one, often something like, “What do you do for them,” or “How does that work?” you use your “Alligator Ultimate Outcome.” Remember, not a boring Cow. “We work with our clients to get this specific outcome.”

Put some teeth into it and talk about what clients get from working with you, not what you actually do. Don’t go into process-speak! Remember, this takes some practice. It’s like learning lines in a play. After a few times, you’ll get pretty good at it. At this point your prospect may ask you to tell them more.

When you get follow-up questions about what you do and how you do it, it’s the time to tell a story. Stories need to be brief, to the point and follow marketing syntax as well: Target, problem, outcome. You don’t need a lot of embellishment, but the story will have impact if you produced a significant and measurable result for a client.

“I recently worked with a family-owned business that was experiencing a lot of conflict. As a result, they were not moving forward steadily in their business and profits were slipping. We worked with them to resolve this conflict and get back on track, and their profits are up by 30% this year.”

If you deliver your Audio Logo more or less as outlined above, you’re doing well. You’ll have the attention of your prospects. Your marketing message will have gotten through and they’ll understand the essence of your business. So far, so good. You’re on first base and you have laid a beginning marketing foundation with this prospect.

And this is where everything can go wrong!

The question is, what happens after you use your Audio Logo? Where does the conversation go? One reason we get into trouble here is that our expectations are not realistic. When we use an Audio Logo, we really don’t just want to get onto first base. What do we want? We want to hit a home run. When we use our message we want to get a response that rarely happens.

We want the prospect to say something like: “OH, MY GOD!! You do that?? That’s incredible! I’ve been looking for someone who could do that for years and years! My prayers are finally answered! Look, I have a spare $500K to spend on this issue. Can you start working with me right away?!”


Now this may be a little over the top, but when I present this in my workshops I get a lot of laughs of recognition. Yes, they say, we do want to get a home run! We are trying to get the Audio Logo perfect so that when we use it, people aren’t just interested in what we have to offer, they are excited to know more and will want to meet with us and buy our services.

Okay, that’s nice, but there’s a word for this: Delusion.

Audio Logos and marketing messages and clients success stories can get you on first base, they simply can’t get you a home run. Sorry, it just doesn’t happen. Virtually never. So don’t try to do that or you’ll be constantly disappointed every time you talk to someone about your business. The Audio Logo can get you attention and set up the next part of the marketing conversation. 

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