Marketing is a game. The purpose of the game is to turn strangers into prospects, buyers, and clients. Marketing Ball is a model to help you understand this game and play it effectively. Learning the game of marketing is analogous to learning the rules of baseball. If you want to play successfully, you must know not just how to throw, catch, hit and run but when to throw, catch, hit and run.

I use a model called Marketing Ball and I'll demonstrate why this model is the key to your marketing success as a professional service business. Once you understand this model, many of the mysteries of marketing will disappear forever. This model is the foundation for the Fast Track Program in the More Clients Club, which consists of seven key marketing principles. Marketing Ball lays a foundation for all the other six marketing principles and I’ll keep referring to the Marketing Ball Model throughout the ideas in this section of the website. 

Where the Marketing Ball Model came from

Many years ago I was meeting with a client trying to figure out his marketing, and we were talking about a particular prospect he was attempting to turn into a client. As usual, I was drawing diagrams on a piece of paper as I worked with him. The diagram was a baseball diamond.

At one point I said, "Well, now you've got this person to first base…" Then he asked, "What's first base?" (Of course, I was just making this up as I went along. That’s how it is sometimes as a consultant or coach!)

And I answered, "Well, first base is where you've gotten his attention and interest. This is where you’ve communicated to him in such as way that he’s interested in what you have to offer and he wants to know more.

“OK,” he replied, “Then what is second base and how do I get him there?” After a little head scratching, I said, “Second base is where you have an appointment with your prospect. This is where he’s willing to explore working with you. But before you get to second base, you need to develop more of a relationship, building trust and credibility.”

Over the following months and years I worked at tweaking this Marketing Ball model until I arrived at what I think is the most accurate model or process of how prospects ultimately turn into clients. I’ve taught it to thousands in workshops and other programs and tested it out with dozens of clients who have applied it to their businesses with great success.

In this first section of the More Clients Club, we go deeply into the Marketing Ball Model and you’ll learn exactly how to apply it to your business as well. This model works particularly well for professional service businesses such as consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers, financial, employment, and legal professionals. It’s the perfect model for any business owner who wants to attract clients as opposed to customers. It can be used with one-person businesses, larger professional firms, and in some cases, large corporations who are offering a complex and expensive service to other businesses.

We’ll start by understanding the fundamentals of the Marketing Ball Model. There are two levels to grasp. The first level is the macro level, the big picture, and the next level is the micro level, the detailed picture. You might even say there's the micro-micro level. That is, at each step of the diagram there are even more subtle steps and distinctions. The Marketing Ball Model is powerful because once you understand it you can use it to solve virtually any marketing challenge. By studying the model and where your prospects are on the model you can know what to do next to move them around the Marketing Ball until they become a paying client.

You might say it’s the Rosetta Stone of professional service business marketing.

Nevertheless, a model, process or system is only as good as the application. The model will not do your marketing for you. It will only give you the structure and the direction. Just as with baseball, the game that Marketing Ball is based on, it takes talent, knowledge, skills, and practice to become a champion. If you master Marketing Ball, you will get to play in the big leagues by dramatically increasing your business.

The good news is that the basics of Marketing Ball are not complex. Any intelligent professional can learn to play this game to attract more clients on a consistent basis. Even if you make mistakes along the way (and you will), you’ll get better the more you play. After awhile, the game of Marketing Ball will become second nature to you. Attracting new clients will no longer be a mystery or a struggle. It will be fun because you’ll know how to both play and win.

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