An Individual Marketing Coaching Program for Independent Professionals 

Are you an Independent Professional who wants to take your marketing and business to the next level? I work with consultants, coaches, trainers and other self-employed professionals in the following situations:

- You are fairly new in your business as an Independent Professional and want to get off to a fast start.

- You have been in business for some time but still struggle with marketing yourself.

- You tend to resist or avoid marketing activities and you need a plan, a strategy and some support.

- Your have hit a plateau in your business and are not growing at the rate you'd like. But now you're ready to work hard to take the next steps forward. 

If you are serious about growing your business, earning more money and making a bigger difference, but marketing has been a challenge for you, please keep reading. 

Do you have some of these issues about marketing yourself?

- You don't really enjoy marketing, nor do you find it very effective. Even though you've had some success, you still tend to struggle with how to create new clients.

- You are not currently satisfied with your marketing message, marketing materials and marketing plans.

- You have challenges with the selling process — from meeting with prospective clients to closing the sale.

- You are somewhat uncomfortable promoting yourself. You want to get out there, but you experience a lot of resistance and avoidance. 

- You want to market your authentic self and offer services that make a difference, but you're not sure how to do that or where to start.

- You are simply not making the income you know you could be making. You'd like to increase your income by 50% to 100% or more in the next year or so. 

These statements have been true for most of my clients. You're not alone. Creating new clients can be challenging, frustrating and intimidating. There's so much information and myriad options out there that it's hard to know what to do or where to start. What actually works, what doesn't work and how do you learn the strategies and tactics that will work for you?

If you feel you may need some hands-on assistance in getting past these challenges to marketing and attracting more of your ideal clients, Marketing Coaching may be right for you. 

I'm Robert Middleton, the owner of Action Plan Marketing. I've been working with Independent Professionals on their marketing for more than 30 years. During that time I've helped hundreds of clients to become better, more successful marketers of their professional services, consistently attracting more of their ideal clients. There's a very good chance I can help you as well. 

This page gives a very complete overview of how I work and the results you can expect. 

As a result of this session I was able to get three new clients in three weeks. And these are clients I know I wouldn’t have gotten if I hadn’t used the ideas I learned from you. These clients will pay me a total of about $2,000. That’s a 6 to 1 return on my investment for this just this session!”

Mary Beth Shewan – Personal and Professional Coach

Objectives of the Marketing Coaching Program

I have three primary objectives for clients in this program: 

1. To work with you to create a marketing plan and marketing approach that puts you and your business out there more successfully where you attract better clients, get paid more and make a bigger difference. 

2. To support you in building confidence in marketing yourself and getting out of your own way — past your resistance, fears, limiting patterns and beliefs so that you take action consistently and boldly towards your goals.

3. To get you excited about marketing your professional services. And you get excited when you do the things that work, when you win, when you turn prospective clients into paying clients who love working with you. 

My guess is that's what you want. I know that because hundreds of self-employed people have told me that. They were tired of struggle and ready to win the game of creating new clients.

What you can expect from this program

If we work together, you're going to see marketing in a whole new light. It won't be a dreaded task but a real adventure. As we work together you'll start to experience the following:

1. More clarity about what it takes to attract more of your ideal clients.

2. More confidence in developing your marketing message, materials and plans that really represent you.

3. More courage to get out there and make connections with prospective clients.

4. More focus in taking action — less hesitance and avoidance when it comes to marketing activities. 

5. More understanding of what works or doesn't work to get great marketing results. 

6. More fun and joy in the process of running your business, serving clients and implementing your marketing. 

7. More consistent cash flow and client flow so that you meet or exceed your financial needs. 

Marketing your business doesn't need to be a chore or drudgery. In fact, it can be a game that you win consistently. You just need to know the rules of the game and build a few essential skills to play it successfully. Many of my clients have told me that after years of resisting marketing that it's now the most favorite part of their business. 

Every time I see you, miracles happen and my business seems to mushroom some more. I am busier than ever with clients and getting repeats now.”

Patti Wilson – The Career Company, Career Counseling

What deliverables will you get when we work together?

I work with you as an individual, understanding that you have special needs, unique goals and singular talents. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work for anyone. You need your issues addressed directly with approaches that will work for your style and personality. (You don't have to change who you are to be successful at creating clients.)

In our coaching sessions we'll work to build your marketing knowledge and skills to produce consistent results: more of your ideal clients.  

Specifically, we'll work together to help you develop the following:

- An attention-getting marketing message – both verbal and written

- Written marketing materials – including a website that expresses the essence of your business

- New marketing activities – from speaking to email marketing – to get the word out

Connections with prospects, by learning how to follow-up, and ask for and get more meetings

- A non-manipulative enrollment process that turns more prospects into paying clients.

- Ways to stay organized with your marketing and stay on top of follow-up 

Marketing isn't a "locked box" of hidden secrets. My Action Plan Marketing Approach is a toolbox of strategies and tactics proven to get the attention of prospective clients, engage them in conversations and convert them into paying clients. This is something you can learn and do as I've seen with hundreds of clients over the years. 

In addition, some of our sessions will be focused on helping you get unstuck. I'll show you how you can…

- Get past your resistance to almost any marketing activity

- Understand and transcend any old core beliefs that are holding you back

- Be more productive, organized and on-track with your projects

- Feel confident that you can speak to anyone about how your services can help them

- Ask for what you want and deserve without fear of rejection 

- Put yourself out there more boldly without holding back or playing small.

I'll work with you to overcome your resistance and avoidance of marketing. I'll support you in getting past your fears, doubts, aversions and reluctance towards marketing. You'll discover whole new ways to think about marketing activities you've avoided for years. I'll share powerful tools and methods on how to be fully present to your resistance and how to get to the other side of it, so that you no longer have that resistance and you no longer avoid implementing your marketing.

“In the time we’ve worked together, I’ve gone from not even having a logo or brochure to now getting more work than I can handle from prospects who call me. And all this while working on opposite sides of the country!”

Brien Palmer – Brien Palmer Enterprises, Management Consultant

 What will actually happen in this program?

This is what our coaching relationship will look like:

- I work with clients typically from six to ten months (when you're done, you're done).

- We'll usually meet by Zoom Video or by phone for an hour to 75 minutes, usually twice a month.

- We'll engage in in-depth conversations during each session where we'll create your future, make plans to get there and face any obstacles fearlessly. 

- I'll share proven marketing ideas and strategies with very specific how-tos and provide you resources and materials to help you understand what to do and how to do it. 

- You'll leave each session with clarity about what to work on next, including step-by-step plans. And I'll hold you accountable for taking action. 

- Between sessions you'll work on assignments to learn about marketing, develop strategies and materials and then implement what you learn.

- You'll have access to me by email and phone between sessions, if needed. If you have a question, need a resource or want some quick feedback, you don't need to wait until your next individual session. 

- I often help my clients by editing or writing marketing materials, managing the development of your website and supporting the implementation of marketing campaigns.  

- You'll fill out a Client Report Form before each session to let me know what you've been working on between sessions. This helps us get off to a fast start each session. 

I take on many roles as we work together to grow your business 

I'm a coach who offers feedback, support and accountability 

I'm a consultant who provides expert  information and recommendations

I'm a strategist who creates effective and doable, step-by-step plans

I'm a designer who knows what looks good and what gets attention 

I'm a writer who know what to say and how to say it to get response

I'm a published author and blogger who understands how to connect

I'm a trusted advisor who draws on 30+ years of business successes

I know what works and what doesn't to attract your ideal clients 

Your marketing services were critical to our success in creating marketing strategies that worked for our firm.  The Action Plan Marketing Strategy Sessions provided a means to clarify our image. To make things even better, you were able to work very patiently with four individuals who all needed to agree and be pleased with the results.”

Corrine Keller – Heritage Estate Services, Financial Services

In addition, I include the following for all of those who work with me:

A lifetime membership in my More Clients Club, with programs and resources for more effective marketing. You'll be using these materials while working with me. The Club contains five marketing tutorials, hundreds of hours of audio sessions and innumerable resources. After we've completed our work together, you'll have access to this material online indefinitely. The value of a lifetime membership in the Club is $497.

A monthly group session with all my current clients – We'll meet by Zoom Video once a month to share ideas, brainstorm challenges and make promises for taking action. I find it's always useful to see what other people are working on, and what issues, challenges and questions they are facing. And it's nice to know that others are going through exactly the same things you are. The value of these sessions is priceless. 

I work with many international clients

By the way, I work with many international clients, almost always by Zoom video so the calls themselves are free. I've worked with clients from England, Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, France and more. So as long as we can work out meeting times, distance is not an issue. 

How do you know if working with me is right for you?

Working in this program might be right for you if…

1. You're already really passionate about your business and want to share it more widely to a larger audience. And you want to earn good money doing so.

2. You know you have enormous potential to provide powerful and impactful programs and services and you're excited to discover the ways and means to realize that potential. 

3. You have a burning desire to be successful in your business. It's not just work for you but a calling. You want this to be your life's work and make a huge difference. 

4. You are ready to do what's necessary to grow your business and take your marketing to the next level, attracting more of your ideal clients.

5. You feel you need to work with someone in a very personalized way that will focus on your unique needs and with a system proven to get results.

But ultimately you can't know if this program is right for you until we talk. I need to learn more about you and your business for us to see if there's a fit. 

Robert helped me to craft a sales presentation which works 100% of the time. It’s incredible, but in the past four years, the only two searches which I have not won have been the two times when I deviated from Robert’s materials. That is a success record which is unmatched even by my own colleagues in my own firm.”

Ann Peckenpaugh – Schweichler and Associates, Executive Recruiter

What is the next step to being in this program?

If you would like to explore the Marketing Coaching Program to take your marketing to the next level, please fill out the questionnaire below. I’ll get back to you within one business day to let you know if we think there’s a fit or not and then set up a complimentary 45 to 75 minute Marketing Strategy Session.

In this session, I'll learn about you, your business, your current situation, goals and marketing challenges and I'll share several marketing ideas that you can use right away. Then I'll explain in more depth how we'll work together and answer any of your questions. If we decide there's a good fit, we'll move forward. I'll give you some preparation work before our first one-on-one session.

Of course, if you feel this approach is not for you, you won't get any pressure to move forward.

By the way, before you fill out the questionnaire, I suggest you read this page one more time, even more closely. And when you fill out the questionnaire, I want to feel your commitment, passion and desire to succeed with your business. I only accept clients that have that level of dedication to success and contribution. 

Note: When you fill out the questionnaire, you'll be taken to a page where I outline the fees I charge and a few other details about working with me. If you feel the fees are currently beyond your means, just let me know by email and I won't follow up to set up a Strategy Session with you. 

Please fill out every field on the questionnaire completely, and in-depth for the questions about your business, marketing and current challenges.

You have dramatically improved my effectiveness and productivity at attracting and selling new clients. You developed professional printed materials for my use and also created a custom web site for my practice. My base of clients is growing and I am receiving more referrals.”

Colleen Boyd – Internal Navigation, Management Consulting

Important Note: If you fill out the form below and do not fill in all the required fields, the form will not be submitted and you'll lose everything you entered in the form. All fields are required except website address if you don't have a website. 

If the form is not working (sorry, it sometimes happens), you can download the form here or you can send me the answers via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Thanks, RM

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Thanks, Robert Middleton


Thanks for filling out the form. As soon as I get it I'll get back to you to set up a time to talk about your business and marketing. - Robert M.