A 5-Session Virtual Workshop

You have a  firm intention to turn more qualified prospects into paying clients...

Imagine that you get a response of some kind to your marketing efforts. You get a call from someone who was referred to you. Perhaps someone responds to your website, or a person who attended one of your talks wants to learn more about your services. The question is, how do you turn this prospective client into a paying client?

This is where marketing ends and selling starts.

And this is where you have the opportunity to turn that prospect into a great client. Your next step is to engage that prospect in a “selling conversation.”

You can do this like the average Independent Professional who has a closing rate of about 33% or you can master the selling conversation and attain a closing rate of 75% or better.

But that's only part of the selling equation. You can get even better results than that with a complete selling strategy. 

Let me give you a simple scenario:

Lets say that right now, as a business coach, you convert 30% of your prospective clients into paying clients. And you charge your clients $750 per month and work with them, on average, for 4 months.  

So if you had selling conversations with 10 prospects, you’d convert 3 of them into paying clients at $750/mo for 4 months. That equals a total income of $9,000.

But what if you increased your sales ratio to 50%, your fees to $1,000 and your contract rate to 6 months? You now earn an income from these clients of $30,000.

You are now making more than 3 times the income from no extra sales effort! If that's not leverage, I don’t know what is!

In Marketing, everyone is working on getting more web traffic, more opt-ins, and more qualified leads. But very few people are working on ways to optimize those leads. And that can only be done by improving your sales process and skills.

And that is what this Virtual Workshop is all about.

It’s about how to close a larger percent of prospective clients at a higher rate for a longer period with more ease and confidence. And this can be accomplished without high-pressure, manipulation or hype. In fact, the whole selling process can be very low key, authentic and easy. 

If that's what you're looking for, keep reading.  

This may sound easy, but...

...why do so many people NOT know how to do this successfully and consistently?

Selling is a body of knowledge, practices and skills. Nobody is a born salesperson. You need to understand and master certain principles, practices and skills – like any other area of professional development.

In addition, in our culture we have a lot of limiting and negative beliefs about selling. Selling is looked down upon as an almost “loathsome practice” that consists of manipulation, stretching the truth, if not downright lying.

And as an Independent Professional it may feel distasteful, even unprofessional to sell. So it’s common to be very passive about the selling process. We talk to a prospect, we explain our services and we hope they buy.

We don’t realize that selling can be done with dignity and integrity. Not only that, we can actually engage in selling conversations much more effectively if our approach is authentic, focused on the needs of the prospect and avoids any kind of manipulation.

When we master selling we see how professional it can really be. And a great thing happens: We engage prospects in selling conversations that don’t generate resistance in prospects, but get them really immersed in the conversation. Selling is a process of helping people get the results they are looking for.

Introducing the Virtual Workshop:

Secrets to Closing the Big Sale

The purpose of this program is to make selling easier, fun and more successful.

The Virtual Workshop an in-depth online course with Five-Modules on the complete selling process. 

Each of the modules includes some or all of the following

   - A training session recorded live (aoubt 90 minutes)   

   - Online training materials

   - Scripts and Outlines of the selling process

   - Step-by-step written instructions

   - Recorded samples of selling conversations

You’ll get everything you need to master this process.     

Here’s What’s Included in Each of the Virtual Workshop Sessions

Session 1 – Getting Set-up To Make Sales

What you must do to be ready to sell. What written materials, scripts and other preparation is absolutely necessary to set the foundation for successfully convert prospects into paying clients. Put all of this into place and you immediately warm up your prospects for the selling conversation. 

You'll get a complete checklist and detailed instructions.

Session 2 – Responding to the Response

How to respond when a prospect calls. When you get that response to your marketing via email or phone call, what must you do to make sure you don't blow the sale? And what you must do to dramatically increase the chances of setting up an appointment with a prospect under favorable conditions who is ready to explore doing business with you?

You’ll learn exactly what to say in a variety of situations.  

Session 3 – The Strategy Session

The complete selling conversation. You'll get detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to conduct a wildly successful selling conversation with your prospect. We'll look at the 12 distinct steps in the process and walk you through all of them with you. Most importantly, you'll get the "tone" of an effective selling conversation with a live 75 minute demonstration of a complete Strategy Session. It's rare to witness this kind of demo.  

You'll get a detailed selling conversation guideline that you can customize to your situation plus lots of valuable bonus material. 

Session 4 – Negotiating and Closing

How to Finalize the Sale. You're not done with the sale until you've consummated the deal and gotten your first payment. We'll explore how to overcome objections, avoid getting your price pushed down, get paid earlier and make money the lowest priority issue for your clients.

Again, you’ll get specific scripting and a step-by-step process.

Session 5 – The Agreement or Proposal 

How to create a foolproof proposal. When you need and when you don't need a proposal or agreement. How to prepare a preliminary proposal in partnership with the client. Why your first proposal should never include your prices. And how to ultimately price your proposal to dramatically increase the chances of acceptance.

For those who do not need a proposal, we’ll talk about what materials to send immediately after the selling conversation and how to follow-up to confirm the proposal.

How I learned this process

It took me a very long time to perfect my selling process. I used to be pretty good at it because I know how to create rapport and listen. But then I got coaching from one of the real experts at this process and my results soared. When I offered high-end programs such as my Marketing Mastery Program, I talked to every single person who was considering participating. I converted 3 out of the 4 people I talked to into a participant in the program. And I did it with the exact approaches you'll learn in this program. Again, zero manipulation or high pressure. 

This is something you can succeed at as well as so many of my clients have.

What are the most important benefits of this program?

This program will change your whole relationship to selling forever.You’ll understand how to make it work, how to follow a step-by-step process, and what you must say or ask at every part of the selling conversation.

People who master the selling conversation will realize these additional benefits:

1. You’ll have more confidence about exactly what to do when you get a lead or when someone responds to your marketing.

2.You’ll have a repeatable process that only needs minor adjustment for every selling conversation. 

3.You’ll understand what you must do to close the sale more frequently and consistently.

4.You’ll know how to sell your services at a higher price point and for a longer or larger contract.

5.You’ll look forward to selling conversations, because before long you’ll know exactly what to do to turn those conversations into immediate cash flow.  

Who is this Virtual Workshop for?

It’s for Independent Professionals who offer their services to anyone – individuals, and small, medium or large businesses. If you have a service that needs to be sold (as opposed to purchased online) this workshop will give you the information, principles and practices necessary to convert more prospects into great clients who pay you more and work with you for a longer period. This whole process can also be applied to high-end group programs ($5,000 to $20,000 and more) as I used it for the Marketing Mastery Program.

"The nugget I got from the Virtual workshop was to simply connect with those in my membership site and then, if during the conversation, it seemed appropriate for us to have a strategy session, to then offer it - and be very clear what we were going to do in it. Every one of them has said yes to a strategy session and I have closed $40,000 in business in the last two weeks." Anne Presuel 

The Virtual Workshop is available online

This was originally offered as a live program. With the online program, you get everything the live particpants did, including the recordings of each session, the step-by-step written buideles and supplementary materials.  

Fee for the Virtual Workshop

The fee is only $79, payable by credit card or PayPal.

The program is open to everyone interested in converting more prospects into high-paying clients.

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! I'm so confident that I guarantee all my Virtual Workshops. Simply try out the program. If you are not satisfied for any reason at all, let me know by email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and I'll give you a 100% money-back one-year guarantee, no questions asked and no hard feelings on my part.

If this virtual workshop doesn't give you the techniques and tools to help you get more appointments with qualified prospects and turn them into paying clients, please ask for your money back. And you can even keep your access to the recordings and the written materials and exercises.

Yes, Robert, I want to master this selling process!

Click here to get access to the Virtual Workshop. $79 for the complete course, as outlined above. 


Congratulations in taking the next step to attract more of your ideal clients. 


Robert Middleton

Action Plan Marketing

P.S. When people are looking at enrolling in a program like this, they often think of the time it will take and the money it will cost. But I want to urge you to consider the cost of NOT mastering the selling process. Just being average at converting prospects into clients could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the course of your career. And since this Virtual Workshop in unconditionally guaranteed, what do you possibly have to loose?