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- Your Marketing Vision for 2006 -

What do you really want in your business this coming year?
No, I mean what do you *really* want?


In our businesses we get what we envision.

If we can imagine it, feel it and see it, then the actions required to make it real become apparent. (Not that it doesn't take some work.) The question isn't: "What are you going to do this year?" The question is: "What do you really want in your business this year?"

When the New Year rolls around we think of resolutions. But the way we structure resolutions make them next to useless. They are either about things we want to stop doing (smoking, eating) or start doing (exercising, marketing).

With the focus on not doing or doing, there isn't enough emotional impact to propel us forward. There's no vision in a to-do list.

So you say, "This year I want to do more marketing; I'd like to get my web site up, start an eZine, network more, and do some teleclasses."


Either it ain't going to happen, or it's going to be a real struggle. Deep inside you know that, but heck it's the New Year. Might as well be optimistic, right?

No, create a vision instead.

Instead of focusing on what you'll do, focus on how you want to *feel*. How do you want to feel about marketing this coming year? And wouldn't it be smart to focus on some positive, uplifting feelings (instead of those feelings of dread that come up when you list the things to do)?

So you might state it a little more like this: "This year I want to be excited when I do my marketing. I want to have fun and feel that I'm making a difference. I want any marketing I do to be inspiring, challenging and energizing!"

OK, now go ahead and do that. Say it out loud or write it down. I'll wait...

Alright, not bad. A good start. Next, you want to focus on what you want to *have* in your marketing. What do you want things to actually look like? So you might say:

"I want to have an attractive, persuasive web site that excites people and gets them to take action when they visit it."

"I want to have an eZine that has subscribers from all over the country (or the world). I want it to highlight my expertise, build my credibility and get people visiting my web site and learning more about my valuable services."

"I want to offer inspiring and practical teleclasses that orient people to my business and make them feel comfortable working with me."

OK, write a list of the main things you'd like to have in your marketing this year. And make sure every single thing on that list is what you really want, not something you think you have to do.

Do you see how completely different this is from saying what you are going to do? It's all the difference in the world. Start with feelings, then focus on what you want to have. And only then do you put your attention on the things you need to do.

Got your list? Great! You've set the groundwork for actually creating what you want in your business this year.

So many people struggle with marketing and attracting new clients because they look at marketing as a "necessary evil" that has to be done (but never enjoyed). When you create a compelling marketing vision, marketing becomes exciting, fun and effective.

This very simple approach to creating what you want might be called "living from your vision." A whole lot more inspiring than "living from your to-do list," don't you think?


The More Clients Bottom Line: Don't set resolutions for 2006; instead, create the vision for your year by becoming clear about how you want to feel and what you want to have before you decide what you need to do.


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Robert Middleton

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