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- Stored Marketing Energy -

Did you know that you have vast amounts of energy
stored up in your business waiting to be ignited?


As I recall, I wasn't very good at physics.

But I do remember the concept of energy being stored in mass. For example, a pile of firewood in your fireplace isn't giving off any energy by just sitting there. But when you set it on fire, a whole lot of energy is released.

But did you realize that you have huge stores of untapped marketing energy in your business? It's just sitting there having zero impact - until you set it on fire.

One of the biggest mistakes we make in our businesses is waiting for things to catch fire by themselves. We wait for that referral, for the phone to ring, for someone to respond to our web site. We wait to "be discovered" and it can be a very long wait!

This passive marketing mindset is a bit like sitting in front of your fireplace full of logs waiting for them to give you warmth! If you realized that you had a warehouse full of logs waiting to be ignited, wouldn't you take action?

Here are some places you can look for stored marketing energy in your business and what you can do to set it on fire.

Your current clients and business associates -

Have you ever proactively asked them for referrals? For every client you've worked with successfully, there are possibly dozens of potential clients they could send your way. When you ask and follow-up, you release that marketing energy.

Your email list -

Everyone who signs up for your eZine is potentially a client. Before those on your list are set on fire and actually buy something from you, they need to be warmed up first. Contact them multiple times and send valuable information that builds your credibility and trustworthiness.

Your presentation -

Prospects respond to benefit-oriented messages and attractive presentations. Take two web sites and put exactly the same content on each page. Make one very flat, no headline, minimal design and formatting. Make the other stand out with a catchy headline, arresting design, and reader-friendly text. The stored energy of the information is released with the better presentation.

Packaging a service -

Many independent Professionals promote their services generically - that is they offer "business consulting services" or "personal coaching services." Presented in this way, it's hard for them to catch fire. However, when you package your services by creating a definite structure and benefits, they ignite much faster, such as: "The Six-Month Business Transformation Program."

Telling a story -

You have several client successes. But nobody knows the difference you've made. By writing several case studies of projects you've worked on, you unleash the marketing energy of those successes. Prospects can read them and respond with more confidence, readier to work with you.

Your offer and call-to-action -

Two independent professionals can offer virtually the same services, the same programs, but one dramatically outsells the other because of how the offer is presented. For instance, one offers several valuable bonuses and reasons to act now. This is like pouring a little kerosene on your marketing.

Are you starting to see that you have nothing but stored marketing energy in your business? You have clients, expertise, results, stories, benefits and information. But if it just sits there, you can't really expect it to give you heat (dollars in the bank).


The More Clients Bottom Line: By applying the right marketing actions to the stored energy in your business you can turn a few cold logs into a roaring blaze.


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