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- Too Much Email? -

Getting too much email? Perhaps, but is this fact preventing you
from sending enough email yourself?


Today's More Clients is in response to an email from a past client who let me know that I was sending too much email, and as a result she was paying less attention to what I did send.


But I really can't blame her. We all get too much email. And sorting through the junk to get a few gems is a daunting task. In fact I spent a good part of this past weekend reorganizing my email, deleting subscriptions I no longer read and fine tuning my spam filters. Lots of fun, let me tell you!

I also changed my email address so that I can eliminate even more spam. Yes, less email is good.

But for Independent Professionals like you and I, who send out an eZine, how much email is too much and how much is enough?

My observation is that, on the whole, Independent Professionals don't send nearly enough email. Yes, you heard me right. They actually need to get their message in front of their subscribers, prospects and clients a lot more than they currently do.

As you know, once a week, I send out More Clients and then about twice a month I send out notices for upcoming TeleClasses and announcements for new online products. Some months I send out a little more. Is this too much?

I don't think so. Consider this:

When I send out the stand-alone announcements for the TeleClasses and online products, I get a huge flood of orders. This tells me one thing very clearly: My subscribers want this information. If they didn't, they wouldn't order.

In the process I also get people unsubscribing to the eZine. In fact, for every two people that subscribe in any given month, I get one that unsubscribes. That's just the way it works.

Would it be better to be *ultra careful* and try not to offend anyone with too many emails (and decrease orders dramatically) or send a few more emails and tastefully offer information and promote products that will make a difference to my subscribers?

That's a no-brainer, isn't it?

Still you need to find a balance. Look, if I thought I wouldn't get mass unsubscribes and a backlash from my subscribers, I'd send out an email every single day of the week! Some Internet marketers do this but even I think that's over the top.

My eZine policy is simple: Provide real value with each email. That might be in the form of an article like this, an announcement for an upcoming program or letting you know about a product or program offered by one of my associates (as I will next week).

As long as I know I'm promoting high-quality information and products that make a difference for Independent Professionals, I have no trouble sleeping at night.

And neither should you.

So by all means, send more email to your list. But keep your standards high (avoiding offensive hype), and the benefits will far outweigh the disadvantages.

By the way, I'm offering a TeleClass in my "Monthly TeleClass Expert Series" next Monday the 27th and, yes, you'll get a reminder notice on Thursday! But why not check it out right now? The topic is "How to Generate $10,000 a Month (or more) With TeleClasses."

The More Clients Bottom Line: More email isn't the problem. Low quality and junk email definitely is. Work to eliminate spam and limit your subscriptions to information you really want. And if you send out email that offers real value, don't apologize for doing so.

I'm sure a lot of people will want to comment on this issue. If you'd like to, don't email me! Instead, send your comments to the More Clients Blog where all of us can read them:

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Until next week, all the best,

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