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- An Intention Experiment -

What if you had the power to create things you thought were impossible?
Try this exercise and see what happens.


I want you to try an experiment this week. If you succeed, a few very good things will happen. If you fail, you can always try again, so you have nothing to lose.

The experiment is about intentions.

I've noticed that when people sign up for the Marketing Action Groups or a Workshop, something almost miraculous happens. They start to attract more business than usual even before the program starts, without any special effort.

It's a well-known phenomenon. Nothing spooky. You see when someone makes a commitment to grow they start growing almost immediately. You could call it the "law of attraction," a "self fulfilling prophecy," or the "placebo effect."

It doesn't matter. It all works the same. Ready for the experiment?

This week, every morning above all the items in your to-do list, write down a positive thing that you intend to happen in your business that is desired but not predictable.

So above things like, "follow up with John Davis" and "start article on Team Dynamics" and "listen to Robert's new TeleClass," write down something like: "Get new client today," or "receive a big check in the mail," or "get notice that I won Nobel prize."

I can't promise you'll get it. That's not the point. I want you to write it down as if you knew you were going to get it. Write it down as if you were reporting that you'd check your email or that you'd answer the phone; things that you absolutely know will happen.

You might call this developing your intention muscle.

During the day you might glance at the intention you've written down. When you do, smile as if you've already gotten it. Just feel satisfied that you have this in your life already (even if, to your logical mind, it's a complete fantasy).

Here's a few things I predict:

As the week progresses, what you write down will start to become real to you. You'll begin to write down real intentions that are actually likely to happen.

You'll feel better about your business, your work, your life, heck maybe even about marketing yourself and growing your business. You'll feel more of a sense of flow.

You'll feel less overwhelmed and you'll put all those to-dos on your list in a new perspective. Things will get done with less effort and you'll feel more satisfied.

Look, it's early in the day, why don't you pull out that to-do list right now and write your intention at the top of the list? Take a look at it. Feel what it would be like if that intention came to pass. And then get on with the rest of your day.

Do this for a full week. Even on the weekends. Stick up a post-it note on your computer so you won't forget. And then, at the end of the week, let me know what happened and I'll report on it in next week's More Clients.

I know this is a rather unusual topic for More Clients, but you need a break from all this marketing talk, don't you?


The More Clients Bottom Line: Create an intention every day this week and write it at the top of your to-do list. Be open to having these intentions come true and be completely OK if they don't. Notice what happens and report back.

Got any good stories about creating intentions? Share them on the More Clients Blog where all of us can read them:

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Until next week, all the best,

Robert Middleton

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