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- Good Information = Easier Selling -

Want selling to be easier? Provide your prospects with
more of the right information.


A couple weeks ago I talked about how important marketing was to the selling process. If you do good marketing, selling is relatively effortless. However, most Independent Professionals, in their heart of hearts, don't really believe this. Do you?

Most believe that selling is inherently difficult, an uphill struggle. Explaining what you do and persuading people to do business with you is hard, distasteful work. Well, isn't it?

Well, no it isn't.

If you wholeheartedly embrace the concepts of InfoGuru Marketing, you'll discover that selling becomes a whole lot easier. I just got an email from a past client, Dave DeWalt, with whom I consulted and designed a web site a few years ago. Dave is living proof.

Here is what he told me:

"My marketing program is finally hitting on all cylinders.

"Between the website, eZine, articles, book that comes out next week, and a potential software product, my phone is ringing with "warmed up" prospects. If there is one message I could amplify for my fellow Action Plan followers, it is "stick with it!"

"Just like you say in the manual (Infoguru Marketing Manual), a prospect told me the other day 'Your website is great - it gives away a lot of good information, but not too much!' "

A very big part of successful InfoGuru Marketing is providing the right information. You see, once you have someone's attention and interest, they want to know more. And if you don't give it to them, they'll look elsewhere. They won't give you a chance.

However, If you give them enough (but not too much) over time, they'll stay interested until their need catches up with what you offer, and the phone will start ringing. And selling is relatively easy when informed, qualified prospects are contacting you.

There is perhaps no other concept that is more Important than this in InfoGuru Marketing. But exactly what information do you need to provide to prospects? What works and what doesn't?

In both the InfoGuru Marketing Manual and the Web Site ToolKit I give concise details on what kind of information you need in order to turn uninformed prospects into informed ones (who are now much closer to buying your services).

Let me give you a quick summary below.

Tell them who you work with

Seems obvious, but many miss this completely. Prospects want to know that you understand them, have worked with clients like them and can succeed with them. By the way, I'm talking a page or two of solid information here, not a couple bullet points.

Tell them what they can expect and how you work

If they work with you, what actual results can they expect to get? Be specific. And also include something about your beliefs, philosophy and approach to working with clients. Give a real sense of what it's like to work (and succeed) with you.

Tell them what services you offer and how they work

If you're selling a professional service, a few terse sentences won't do the job. Often it takes several clearly written pages to outline exactly what problem your service addresses, the solutions it provides and how it is structured.

Tell them who else has succeeded with you

Case studies and success stories are your most persuasive tool of all. Look back to your client successes and write up half a dozen or more stories that tell what the situation was when you started, what you did for the client and the outcomes that ensued.

Tell them about who you are

This isn't the first thing people want to know, however many prospective clients are interested in your background, education and accomplishments. Demonstrate in a page or two that you are a competent, successful, responsive, and authentic person they will feel comfortable working with.

Tell them how you start working with clients

On your "Contact Us" page you want more than an email address and phone number. Include those, of course, but tell your web visitors what happens between the time they call you and when you start working together. Show them that it's easy to work with you and that you are following a clear plan.

Give away some valuable, free stuff

This is why people come to web sites anyway. They want to get some free information that could help them. So don't disappoint. A free report, several articles and other resources, and of course, a sign-up for your eZine are all essential.

This is the essence of what should go on a web page. But don't stop there. Publishing on the web and in industry publications, speaking engagements, teleclasses, blogs and eventually, books are going to establish you firmly as an InfoGuru.

And again, for true InfoGurus, selling is relatively effortless. Those who have willingly consumed your information and are seeking more assistance won't throw up many objections. They'll be more interested in knowing if you can fit them into your busy schedule (as Dave DeWalt is discovering).

For more detailed information on how to develop and market your professional services as an InfoGuru, please check out the InfoGuru Marketing Manual and the Web Site ToolKit. I don't do consulting or web development anymore, but in these two products, you'll have everything you need.

InfoGuru Manual:

Web Site ToolKit:


The More Clients Bottom Line: If you want to make selling effortless and get the phone ringing with people ready to do business with you, you must provide the information your prospects are looking for and keep this information in front of them until they are ready to take the next step.


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