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- Lessons from a "Marketing Nun" -

Lost your passion for marketing? Let a Catholic nun inspire you!


I have a lot of interesting subscribers to More Clients. One of the most interesting is Sister Patricia Proctor, a Catholic nun living in a monastery in Spokane Washington.

I realized she was a subscriber when she ordered my InfoGuru Manual and Marketing Mastery CD set last year. And then she applied to my Marketing Action Group. She's about to start her third MAG semester and is my star student!

What's going on here?

It turns out Sister Patricia is so into marketing because she's responsible for several web sites, sells lots of products online to Catholics looking to renew their faith, and has authored several bestselling books on Catholic topics. You can see the web sites she's written and designed here:

Sister Patricia is not only an inspiration to Catholics throughout the world, she should be an inspiration to marketers as well. When I read her web site about becoming a nun (the vocation web site), I was moved by her description of a life of devotion, work and prayer. If you've ever thought of becoming a nun, this just might persuade you!

What makes her sites so successful is her authentic voice. She's not just giving a rote description of the work of the monastery, but an impassioned picture of a life dedicated to God.

If only the average Independent Professional could do as well.

Make no mistake, passionate commitment is very persuasive. When you're passionate, your potential clients catch your spirit. They want to participate with you and soak up some of that energy. They'll start expecting success, because you're living it.

David Ogilvy, the famous advertising executive, once said, "You can never bore someone into doing business with you!" No, you need to interest them, intrigue them, entertain them and get them completely involved in your story and its possibilities - as Sister Patricia has done in her marketing for the Monastery of St. Clare.

Sister Patricia shared the following with me in an email this week:

"What I have decided to work on in the next three months - (following your advice again) is to market the vocation site so that it gets in the mainstream of young catholic adults. I have been brainstorming like crazy the last couple of days after listening to your Action Toolkit session again on marketing.

"I need to write articles and get them posted not only on my site but in some vocation magazines, and send them to Catholic Youth ministers and to parish priests who might have a young person come to them for information.

"I am starting the Vocation Web Teleclass for other Poor Clare communities in May. So far I have six houses that are interested in taking this class. I am really excited about doing this - not just because I can share with others what you have given to me - but it will push me to go further into developing my own site and materials in order to clarify each action step they should take to make better sites.

"My only problem will be curbing my enthusiasm from all I have learned the last six months enough not to blow their minds out of the water before they get started!"

Most of us are just trying to keep up with you, so go ahead and blow their minds, Sister Patricia. The Catholic church may never be the same!


The More Clients Bottom Line: If a Catholic nun in a monastery can be a true InfoGuru Marketer, you can as well. Get in touch with the passion for your business and the difference you want to make, and don't let anything stop you from making it happen.

What's the passionate core of your business that you can share with others? Please let us know on the More Clients Blog at:

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Until next week, all the best,

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