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- Smart Marketing Investing -

You need to invest in your marketing.
The key is understanding how to make that investment.


Today's More Clients is second in a series of "Dumb Marketing Mistakes and How to Correct Them." Not investing in your marekting is dumb mistake number two.

This week I got an email from one of my customers. It said: "Do you think, by me learning from your InfoGuru marketing and action plan e-books, I can become a marketing consultant? Or do I need lots more than that?"

That's a little like saying, "If I read Gray's Anatomy, can I become a doctor?"

So yes, you'll need a lot more than that. Even if what you want to do is market your services competently, with less struggle and better results, you're going to have to invest in yourself. It will take some time, money and effort.

"But how much," everyone asks me, "before I start seeing results and start attracting clients consistently? How much time, money and effort do I actually need to invest?"

I think the big key here is "Smart Investing."

You need to invest in developing skills, not just in accumulating more information. The information is important, but only if it's applied. This is why I'm developing a new workshop that's much more focused on creating plans and building skills rather than stuffing people's heads with more marketing ideas.

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you've purchased one of my products such as the InfoGuru Manual, the Web Site ToolKit or the Action Plan ToolKit. You'll notice that all of these products emphasize more than information. They are actually tutorials that help you build skills step-by-step.

What I've noticed, however is, that the majority of people consume these products as if only the information mattered. They skim through them, looking for pearls of wisdom and silver bullets. You won't find them that way.

But if you invest a little more time in doing the exercises and action plans they all contain, the riches reveal themselves. You'll start to have "ah-has" and a deeper understanding of how marketing works its magic.

For instance, I've seen clients take one marketing concept (such as the "Perfect Proposal" as outlined in the InfoGuru Manual) and make the effort to write it out using the format I've given. For several people this has resulted in contracts worth as much as hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now that's a smart investment!

The big investment wasn't really in money or time but in the effort to implement. And as simple as this sounds, there are some real obstacles to implementation. After all, if implementation was easy, we'd all be outrageously successful.

Successful implementation involves these steps:

1. An openness to try something new and a willingness to follow directions. This alone stops many people cold, before they've even started.

2. Diligence and discipline in learning the basics. Notice that doctors don't start with brain surgery? They practice the fundamentals first.

3. A tolerance for trial and error. Testing, measuring and fine tuning are all necessary in order to get consistent results.

4. Resilience in the face of failure. Sometimes you'll be lucky enough to quickly hit on the right formula. But more often than not your first attempts will be flops.

5. A sense of play and adventure. If you play at your marketing, instead of grimly working at it, you'll tend to get better results.

So, no, you're not going to become a marketing genius overnight.

There's a lot to learn. What I recommend is focusing on one thing at a time (your audio logo, the face-to-face-conversation, making appointments, the one-page executive summary, the first issue of an eZine); and these, small but potent, investments in your marketing will start to pay big returns before you know it.


The More Clients Bottom Line: Put just two or three hours a week into learning a new marketing skill. Set a goal; study the appropriate information, and work at implementing it step-by-step. Measure your results and watch your fortunes grow.

What secrets have you learned to implementing marketing strategies that work for you? Please share this with us on the More Clients Blog at:

Some Marketing Investment Tools

The information, the action plans, the tools and resources you need to be a successful marketer of your services are all contained in the Action Plan Marketing Products below. Make a small investment to order them and then make the smart investment to implement their ideas in your buisness.

Here's the place to start:

1. The InfoGuru Marketing Manual - $69/$99
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2. The Relationship Pipeline Audio Program - $29
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3. The Value Pricing Audio Program - $29
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4. The Action Plan ToolKit - $49
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5. The Web Site ToolKit - $49
A tutorial on building a client-attracting web site.

Until next week, all the best,

Robert Middleton

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